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Instructions For Decal Application

1. Mylar decals:

Have the pitted area filled, sanded smooth, and painted. Wash the area on which the decal is to be placed with soap and water, new paint included. Trim the mylar decals to the border of the design where possible prior to removing the backing paper. Using a pump bottle of Windex, spray the surface where the decal is to be placed. Peel the white backing paper from the decal and place in position. Squeegee Windex from under the decal beginning in the center and working outward. If air bubbles occur, puncture with a pin and smooth down. Do not use Windex in an aerosol can.

2. Vinyl die-cut decals:

To apply a vinyl cut decal, prepare the metal as above and wash with soap and water, including new paint. Peel the backing paper from the decal. The decal will be stuck to the application paper. Align the decal using the design, not the application paper, and firmly press the decal into place. Slowly remove the application paper starting at one corner. If you have difficulty removing the application paper  wet the application paper with water and wait a few minutes before removing it. Store in a dry, cool place.


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