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Case Rims

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                           most new products are shipped factory direct from MID-WEST locations.

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Before mounting tires or painting or powder coating new rims...please make sure rims will mount properly to hubs.


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This picture represents all our CASE rims (bump and single bevel) 

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 8x24    (bump) 215.00  plus  S & H
 8x24    (single bevel) $235.00  plus  S & H 
 9x24    (bump) $215.00  plus  S & H
 9x24    (single bevel) $235.00   plus  S & H
10x24   (bump) $215.00   plus  S & H
10x24   (single bevel) $235.00   plus  S & H  
 8x28    (bump) $215.00   plus  S & H  
 8x28    (single bevel) $235.00   plus  S & H  
 9x28    (bump) $215.00   plus  S & H
 9x28    (single bevel) $235.00   plus  S & H  
10x28    (bump) $21500   plus  S & H  
10x28    (single bevel) $215.00   plus  S & H  
 8x32     (single bevel) $240.00   plus  S & H 
10x34    (single bevel) $240.00 plus S & H
 9x36     (single bevel)  
12x38    (single bevel)  
14x38    (single bevel)  

Deep Drop Center (rears)


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$260.00   plus  S & H


$260.00  plus  S & H


$285.00   plus  S & H


$295.00 plus  S & H 

Front Rims

VA, VAC series

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  plus  S & H

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