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Allis Chalmers Specialty Items

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Grill screen    

Unstyled WC, WF

click picture to enlarge

            NEW     reproduction          $150.00 ea.

J bolts..B with arched front end

J bolts

click picture to enlarge

bolt, nut, and lock washer

J bolts that go with this weight...
weight shown here only for explaination

$32.00 pair

B front rim bolts

1938 B front rim bolts 
(sn 101-9018)

click either picture to enlarge

NEW $13.00

Rim lock pins       Spin-out rim hardware

click picture to enlarge

rim lock pins...NEW
original on far left for comparrison
$12.00 ea.

Oil filter tube and cork gasket

B, IB, C, CA, G, WD, WC,
WD-45, RC, early D-17

click picture to enlarge

oil filter tube
copy of original
(original in center
of picture)

B, IB, C, CA, G, WD, WC,
WD-45, RC, early D-17

click picture to enlarge

cork oil filter
base gasket



click picture to enlarge

Delco Remy original looking cut out...electronic


$15.00 refundable core
charge when we get your
old one in return



starter band

click picture to enlarge

band to cover brushes
on starters

generator band

click picture to enlarge

band to cover brushes
on generators


NEW..reproduced clutch parts

B, C, IB
(can be sold seperately)

click picture to enlarge

1. horseshoe fork
up to sn 30611
2. threaded adjustor pin, sn 28104 & up

1. horseshoe fork

2. threaded adjustor pin

3. pilot pin

1.  $45.00

2. $28.00

3.  $12.00

Special gifts for that "special" Allis Chalmers collector  :)

click picture to enlarge 
     Gift certificate


Hand crank with spinner for WD, WD-45

WD, WD-45

click either picture to enlarge 

NEW  hand crank
with spinner

(pn ACM-JH09)


Shutter crank assembly     ** NEW **   

shutter crank assembly

click picture to enlarge

pn. JH212384

parts can be sold
handle  $19.00 bolt $13.00
complete assembly

Shutter spring

click picture to enlarge

sold seperately $13.50

Flip over seat hinge
      ** NEW **   

WC, WD, WD-45, WF, RC

click picture to enlarge

example of the flip over hinge for referance

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